Type designation: Kranich-2
Name: Kranich-2
Designer: Hans Jacobs
Class: Performance
Wing span: 18.00 m
Crew: 2
First flight in Hungary: 1940
Number of built: -
Number of imported: 5

Short historical background:

Of this high performance two-seater five were imported between 1940 and 1942. Of these four were financed by HMNRA and these gliders were distributed among HMNRA glider fields. The fiths was financed by the Aero Club of MOM. Two of the Kranich-2s survived the war and were in use up to the first half of the 1950s.

Many great flight were flown and records were broken with this glider. In May, 1943 Róbert Méray-Horváth with a pupil in the second seat flew from Farkashegy to the pre-defined goal, Beograd, earning the distance leg of his Gold C as well as his first diamond and a new Hungarian two-seater goal-distance record with this 315 km flight. The 2378 m height gained en route was a new Hungarian record in the two-seater category. In June, 1943, Méray-Horváth flew a Kranich solo on a 372 km goal-distance flight from Farkashegy to Kolozsvár establishing a new Hungarian record in this category. At the same year in July he gained 3930 m height earning the altitude - and final - leg of his Gold C. In May, 1944, he performed a new Hungarian two-seater gain of height record flying a Kranich over the Mátra Mountain with a pupil in the second seat reaching 3882 m.

The Kranich-2 performed well even after the war. The most remarkable was a 420 km flight from Hármashatárhegy to Orsova in Romania at June, 1950, with György Mező at the controls and a pupil in the second seat, by which Mező broke the Hungarian two-seater free distance rocord. This record was not broken for decades.


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