Type designation: R-04
Name: Szittya-II
Designer: Ernő RUBIK
Class: Training
General arrangement: High, strut braced gull wing, closed canopy, traditional tail unit.
Crew: 1
First flight: Summer of 1938
Manufacturer: MOVERO workshop, Esztergom
Number of built: 1

Short history:
This glider was a modified version of the R-03 Szittya-I. The fuselage was a bit longer and the cabin, the canopy as well as the tail unit were modified. The horizontal stabilizer was placed on a raised platform on the fuselage. Later, the canopy was redesigned by the owner aero club.
The first take-off was performed in the summer of 1938. The handling of the Szittya-II was not so good as that of the Szittya-I. To perform simple aerobatic manoeuvres with the glider was permitted.

Structure:  All wooden
The single main-spar wing was covered by plywood in front of the main spar creating a torsion resistant box structure. The other wing surfaces were fabric covered. No air break was fitted.
The semi-monocoque, plywood covered fuselage was stiffened by frames and longerons. The landing gear consisted of a long, rubber dumped main and a small steel-plate tail skid. The frame of the closed canopy was of plywood and was covered with flat celluloid plates with windows on both sides.
   Tail unit:
The leading edge of the horizontal stabilizer was plywood covered. The other surfaces of the tail unit were fabric covered.

Larger picture

     Span, m: 15
     Area, m2: 15
     Aspect ratio: 15
     Chord (root), m: 1,2
     Chord (tip), m: 0
     Airfoil (root), m: ?
     Airfoil (mid-span), m: ?
     Airfoil (tip), m: ?
     Dihedral, degree: Root: 14; outer panels: 0
     Sweep, degree: 0
     Washout: Aerodynamic
     Span, m: 3,75
     Mean chord, m: 0,26
     Total area, m2: 1,96
     Balancing: Aerodynamic
     Type: None
     Type: None
   Horizontal stabilizer:
     Span, m: 3
     Area, m2: 0,92
     Span, m: 3
     Area, m2: 0,88
     Airfoil: ?
     Balancing: Aerodinamic
     Trim: ?
   Vertical stabilizer and rudder:
     Total area, m2: ?
     Rudder area, m2: ?
     Balancing: Aerodynamic
     Length, m: 6,16
     Width, m: 0,58
     Height: 1,12
     Cross section, m2: ?
   Landing gear:
     Type: Skid, rubber dumped
   Wing, kg: ?
   Fuselage, kg: ?
   Tail unit, kg: ?
   Empty glider, kg: 140
   Gross, kg: 240
   Ballast, kg: None
   Wing loading, kg/m2: 16
   VNE, km/h: 200
   Max. aerotow speed, km/h: 100
   Max. winch speed, km/h: 75
   Max. speed in rough air, km/h: ?
   Stall speed, km/h: 45
   Min. sink, m/s (at gliding speed, km/h): 0,77/55
   Best L/D (at gliding speed, km/h): 20,8/?
Start methods: Bungee, Winch, Aerotow

Origin of data and 3-view drawing:
Jereb Gábor: Magyar vitorlázó repülőgépek, Műszaki Könyvkiadó, 1988, Budapest
(Gábor JEREB: Hungarian Gliders, Technical Publishing House, 1988, Budapest)

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