Website history

2016.08   Inserted into the Miscallenous side menu Two speach given at HHH at the commemoration of Lajos Rotter's Berlin-Kiel flight (in  Hungarian).
2015.12   Inserted into the Miscallenous side menu Translation of the Karakán section from Gábor Jereb's book.
2014.10   In the 'DFS Meise' page the 'Number of built' value was corrected with the number of the 'Cinke' version.
2013.06   In the 'Miscellaneous' menu group 'Triplane glider flight launched by autotowingin 1923' item was inserted.
2013.06   In the 'Miscellaneous' menu group 'Kronfeld in Hungary' was changed with a revised version.
2013.03   The M-27 3-view drawing was inserted into the Short history of the workshop of MSrE.
2012.12   An old Hungarian Newsreel was inserted to the 'Motor Baby' page.
2012.11   The 'Segel-Zögling' page was modified.
2012.03   To the 'Miscellaneous' menu group 'Kronfeld in Hungary', 'Vienna-BP-Vienna dual aerotow-1937' and 'Gliding in Egypt' items were inserted.
2012.02   New menu group 'Miscellaneous' was inserted. To the 'Miscellaneous' menu group 'Summary of László Almásy's life in flying' item was inserted.
2011.07   On 'Hungarian gliders' and 'Gliders in HUngary' pages the statistics icon and link were changed to a 'HOME' icon and link.
2011.02   Link to Stan Young's Vintage Scale Sailplanes - NEMERE - website is added.
2010.10   R-07a Tücsök page was modified inserting the covered version.
2010.05   The webpage moved to a new location within the same internet provider.
2010.05   Removing two mistakenly inserted Hol's der Teufel pictures from Segel Zögling's page.
2010.02   Correcting a misleading typographical error on "Nemere" page. That is changing "Göttingen" to "Göppingen" as regards the airbrake type!
2009.11   Modifying the 'Segel-Zögling' production numbers due to the Segel-Zögling exported to Egypt in 1937.
2009.10   Modifying on the "Hungarian Gliders, 1933-2000" opening web page the 'First gliding attempts' reference, inserting a new page titled 'First
  gliding attempts in Hungary, 1909 and 1914'. On this page the gliding attempts in 1909 are described and from where the BIK page can
  be accessed.
2009.10   Modifying the "Z-03A Ifjúság" page correcting the number exported to Belgium, and inserting a reference to a new page describing the short
  history of the Z-03As exported to Belgium.
2009.08   Inserting a 'Website History' menu item into the side menu of the home page. Uploading the Website History page.
2009.05   Uploading and inserting the new 'First gliding attempt, 1914' glider page into the 'Gliders designed and built in Hungary' section.
2009.01   Introducing a new home page with windows to enter to the 'Gliders designed and built in Hungary' section and to the new 'Gliders imported
  or built under licence in Hungary' section. Uploading the new section.
2008.12   Inserting as a link on the R-08d D-Pilis glider page to the new Győr-3 Motor-Pilis glider page. Uploading the new glider page.
2008.03   Inserting a link to 'Gábor Jereb: Hungarian Gliders' book.
2008.01   Creation of Simulation section. Uploading 'Hungarian Gliders in Flight Simulator Clips and Pictures'.
2008.01   Uploading short biography of Lajos Rotter to biography section.
2007.11   Creation a Link section on the home page's side menu. Inserting a link to Balázs Horváth's web-site.
2007.10   Creation of Biography section. Uploading short biography of Ernő Rubik.
2007.02   Uploading short history of OMRE's workshop to historical section
2007.01   Modification of the text in R-07b Vöcsök.
2006.11   Uploading short history of MSrE to historical section.
2006.09   Modification of 4 pages to include clips. Uploading clips to Nemere, R-07b Vöcsök, R-11b Cimbora and M-22 pages.
2006.06   Modification of all glider pages to include larger picture accesses. Uploading larger pictures.
2006.06   Modification of the home page to include a side-menu. Creation of a historical section and uploading the short history of Aero-Ever Ltd.
2006.05   Inserting a visitor counter into the home page.
2006.05   Completion of the first version of 'Hungarian Gliders' consisting of a home page and glider pages.
2004.09   Transportation of the website to a free web storage area on internet provider.
2002.02   Creation of the 'Hungarian Gliders' website uploading the home page and first glider pages on my private web storage area.

Origin of data and 3-view drawing:
Jereb Gábor: Magyar vitorlázó repülőgépek, Műszaki Könyvkiadó, 1988, Budapest
(Gábor JEREB: Hungarian Gliders, Technical Publishing House, 1988, Budapest)

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