Type designation: RRG-1
Name: Zögling
Designer: Lippisch, Alexander and Stamer, Fritz
Class: Basic trainer
Wing span: 10.00 m
Crew: 1
First flight in Hungary: 1929
Number of built: 46
Number of imported: 3

Short historical background:

The Zögling was the basic trainer for Hungarian gliding from 1929 - when gliding was introduced in this country - up to the time when Rubik's R-07b Vöcsök and R-07a Tücsök took over this role at the end of the 1930s.

The first Zögling in Hungary was imported by MOVERO from the Schleicher factory in Poppenhausen(*). Then the Lingel Furniture Factory, Budapest, built 10 Zöglings. The factory bought the documentation and imported a Zögling from the Kegel factory to be used as a "template". As the movement spread different workshops took up building Zöglings. There were two or three unsuccessful attempts to build them as the gliders produced were unairworthy due to lack of experinece and/or adequate workshop and/or material and/or tools. However most Zöglings built were airworthy and served the movement to spread.

A couple of Zöglings were modified by covering different parts of the fuselage. One solution was fitting the glider with an Weinbach enclosed cockpit which was develeoped in Wiener-Neustadt, Austria. The other solution was a covered fuselage behind the seat. And the third was a fuselage completly covered.

Lingel Furniture Factory, Budapest 1930 10
MOVERO workshop, Esztergom 1933 2
Central Repair Facility of Hungarian Railways, Istvántelek, Budapest 1930 2
1933 1
1937 2
MOVERO workshop, Gyöngyös 1932 2
1934 1
Air Scout's central workshop, Budapest 1931 2
1936-7 3
Workshop of MSrE, Budapest 1936 1
No. 13. "Ezermester" Boy Scout Group's workshop, MÁVAG, Budapest 1932 2
1933 1
No. 366. "Végváry" Boy Scout Group's workshop, Sopron 1934 1
1936 1
No. 248. "Vas" Boy Scout Group. Carpenter workshop of the Rima-Murány-Salgótarján Steel Works, Ózd 1932 2
No. 595. "Bethlen Gábor" Boy Scout Group, Szentes 1936 2
1937 1
Students of the Presbyterian Grammar School and Teacher's Training College, Sárospatak 1936 1
Aero Club of the Bükk-Mátra Area, Miskolc 1934 1
MOVERO workshop, Miskolc 1934 1
No. 757. "Szemere" Boy Scout Group, Miskolc 1934 1
Albert Melhoffert, Gödöllő 1936 1
Jenő Éles and József Sefcsik, Somsály 1934 1
Sándor Rába, Szombathely 1939 1
Fire Station, Szolnok 1935 2
Géza Schafer, Kecskemét 1937 1



(*) The sources differ where the gliders were imported from: Schleicher factory in Poppenhausen or Kegel Flugzeugbau in Kassel.

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